When you have worked with a client for over 12 years on their branding and annual reports, you get the benefit of an in-depth perspective on their organization. When Homewood Health merged with Human Solutions, Riordon, as a multi-disciplinary design firm, was asked not only to create the new brand, but also to design the Homewood Human Services’ new Toronto office, working against serious time restrictions. Yes, we do take on interior and exterior design projects, partnering with our clients, architects, engineers and interior design firms to ensure the brand personality is translated into the workspace environment.


By working closely with the site project manager and contractor to maximize usage of pre-existing elements, and balancing a big imagination with a modest budget, we assisted in reconfiguring the space to better accommodate the company’s needs, including floorplans, colour selection, floor finishes, furnishings and signage. We were able to make a significant transformation of the 3,200 sq. ft. space and provide the client a satisfying outcome—on time and on budget.


THE INSIDE STORY: Getting the floor plan right for the way the client intends to use it was the first critical element of this project. It usually requires relocating services, which in an existing space can be a challenge. However, working with a contractor who was familiar with this particular building helped to expedite things and keep us on schedule.