Riordon has worked on many best-selling CD series for one of the world's leaders in Chistian Worship Music, Integrity Media. Having an understanding of the Christian cultures—and a love for the music itself—made this niche market near and dear to Riordon Design. Known for our project experience with the successful Worship Together brand we developed for EMI, as well as our history with many labels in Nashville, we were asked to partner with Integrity Media on what was then a new and innovative product offering called "iWORSHIP". This became one of their most successful brands for nearly a decade.


Products for iWORSHIP evolved into high-level resource tools, not only promoting Integrity's music and artists, but also providing a visual and interactive component for the church community. Integrity Music and their entire catalogue were recently purchased by David C. Cook, the leading non-profit global resource provider in Christian materials.


THE INSIDE STORY: On one of our earliest visits to Nashville we were meeting with the creative director at a large record label in their glass-walled office. As we were showing our portfolio, the marketing director randomly popped in with an apologetic introduction and requested our business cards. A few months later this same man called me from another company he had just been transferred to called Integrity Media—and the rest is design history. We never scored with our scheduled appointment that day but this serendipitous encounter led to another opportunity—our long and valued relationship with Integrity Media.