Project roll out is unique for every client. “Process”, as it relates to core reinvention, is a big step for any corporation. As we worked with Adlib Software to rebrand their company and product, they were extremely cerebral, passionate and intentional about each decision along the way, and so they should be.


We started with a brand workshop and interviews with key stakeholders connected to Adlib, both inside and outside of the company. We partnered with their marketing department and organized a support team to conduct further research. A significant issue that needed to be addressed was their name. The word “software” had become too small for where they were going as a company. To their various audiences, they needed to communicate a higher callingone that communicated the vast landscape of potential verticals to reflect their global ambitions. A new tagline, “think efficiency” was introduced, capturing the essence of their bold objectives regarding “enterprise content transformation” versus singular document conversion. "Adlib" became the nomenclature for the brand identity, the url and email address remained "adlib software" partly for the benefit of existing clients and secondly, for 'ownablility'.


As designers, we're always thinking about how decisions made during the brand process will visually translate into graphical application. For example, when naming a company or product, we consider how that name will appear when developed into a logo. For Adlib, we seamlessly leapt from the think tank work into creative roll outassisting with every aspect of the company wide brand launch.


THE INSIDE STORY: This project came as a result of two previous successful branding initiatives and through the recommendation of the VP of Sales & Marketing for both. Recommenations are great, but you still have to earn the trust of all the team players. Comfort zones are important. They are the green houses for good process.