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The Honourable Michael Wilson (Roundtable Senior Chairman) and Mr. Bill Wilkerson (Roundtable Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO) co-authored and recently presented to the public and media, "Brain Health + Brain Skills = Brain Capital", a 10 year global business and economic roundtable report on the impact of addiction and mental health in the workplace.




This unique project was initiated by Hugo Powell, the former CEO of Interbrew Americas, for his awe-inspiring 10 acre estate on Lake Ontario. Inspired by a castle that was once home to Henry VIII's second wife, Chelster Hall is the largest private residence in Canada.




Canadian journalist and media personality, Lorna Dueck, opened this television season with a bold reinvention – a gutsy re-think on the future, a strategic office relocation and a re-branding venture that got down to the business of renewed vision.




We love to design unique calendars and this year we had the pleasure of partnering on an idea for The Horwood Team of Richardson GMP and the Loch Gallery in Toronto. The calendar features the extraordinary work of Canadian painter Philip Craig, courtesy of Loch Gallery.




We are pleased to present our first blog issue of "CultureCue". For six years CC has been a mini publication with a website counterpart, featuring projects and sharing insights on the topic of branding and promotional business practices.




When it comes to trusting your most important financial assets to someone, you are no doubt very careful. One should be no less prudent when trusting their brand position to an agency or design firm.




When two powerhouse agents come together to create an even stronger business under the Remax brand it can provide an interesting trial run on compatibility. In this case, they have passed the test exceedingly well—no easy task when you're competing in one of North America's top markets.




For those in the culinary arts, one of the competitive advantages these days is the ability to “one-up” the competition with the presentation of their creations. Taste and quality are no longer the only differentiators, now everything else around that matters too. It makes sense then, to extend the idea of presentation to all that embellishes the experience of eating out.




It is said that word of mouth is the best form of advertising and so it goes in our partnership with Encore. Coming to us through the recommendation of a mutual colleague, Encore was already in full stride having locked up major pitch meetings with two Fortune 500 companies.




In the era of affordable, easy-to-access stock imagery, a designer is often left with the challenge of making photography from disparate sources work together in a way that appears as though they were shot with the same standards of art direction, quality and intent.