Engaging Your Market


It is said that word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and so it goes in our partnership with Encore. Coming to us through the recommendation of a mutual colleague, Encore was already in full stride having locked up major pitch meetings with two Fortune 500 companies.


Not surprising for a team of experienced and proven industry experts who partner with clients to build and execute winning "Go To Market" strategies, with a uniquely Canadian perspective. They had the experience, the expertise, the technology to implement and were in the process of building a strong front-line team. The name was in place—all they needed was a "better" logo, some business cards, a PowerPoint template and a quick website...right? Well, not exactly.



Learning about a client and their business often reveals opportunities to enhance the value of what they do, rather than just focusing on what they do. Although not part of the original project scope, we encouraged the client to reconsider their name. Encore was originally "Encore: Field Marketing Solutions". We quickly learned that field marketing is only one aspect of their business. What’s more, marketing was part of what they do "now", but what if that changed in the future? Then the name would no longer be relevant. Encore’s full name needed to speak to the knowledge-base and strategies they develop with their clients. It also had to capture their experience in social media marketing, public relations and promotions. Not to mention that the term "solutions" is overused in varied markets and suggests something that is “off the shelf”.



We came back to them with "Encore: Market Engagement "—a name that was now active, applicable to any market they worked in, and an umbrella for the multiple services they specialized in. Whether it's in a boardroom, taking a product to market or interacting at an event—it's all about engagement. From there we began to look at how to visualize the brand. One of Encore's major advantages is that their process is completely "in the moment". By using smart phone technology to record, login and report, both clients and employees are able to immediately see and share what's happening. We developed a suite of icons to assist in telling their story. This was done to build visual consistency in everything from their stationery, website, signage, all the way through to their PowerPoint deck—all in time for their first pitch. We followed up with a portal based website. One that qualified who they are on the public facing side, but with the ability for both clients and employees to log into their respective areas to "engage" with each other.


After Encore moved into their beautiful offices we continued to provide consultation on interior decor, office and exterior signage. Encore were good people to work with; fun, professional, prompt in response and good at sharing a mutual respect throughout the process. What more could one hope for in a business partnership?