Here's a
of what it's
like to work
with Riordon



Good process = better creative
We’ve collected some great testimonials over the years from clients—words of appreciation for our work and the experience of the process. What’s that old saying—it’s not about the destination, it’s about how you get there? It’s an interesting axiom, but in reality, clients want not only great creative but a well managed ride from A to B. Between work schedules, defining tasks, networking with suppliers, navigating through alterations—from concept to completion, process has a way of shaping an outcome.



Listen first, talk later
At Riordon we do our best to be responsive and straightforward. Projects can range in complexity—and every client and corporate culture is unique. One thing all assignments have in common is “expectation”. Making sure we understand what a client is looking to accomplish is fundamental.



Brains and beauty
Very little is random in the business of communication. Behind anything great there is great intention. What drives our visual development for any project is methodology and practical thinking. We’re not a marketing company—we’re a design company who understands marketing. And that brings smart value to the beauty of our design.



Builders by nature
It’s within our DNA to create. Not only do we build successful design solutions, our hope is to form lasting relationships with the people we work with. It’s a value-based notion. With many of our clients there’s a long-term synchronicity in play—a familiarity that lends itself to better communication and greater efficiencies. Many brands break down through lack of continuum—introducing change that doesn’t always mean better. We’re not an agency but we function like one—focused on the big picture and always projecting toward the long-term.



Greasing the wheels
In most cases, a client is buying our ability to interpret what they think they want. Our job is to take the essence of the client’s vision and infuse it with the expertise of what we do. Part of that expertise is ability to guide a client through the process of seeing an idea materialize. Providing options helps to bridge the gap between a raw concept and its visual expression. Options facilitate discussion. Through exploration, review and analysis, together with our clients, we polish the potential of an objective.



It's manageable
Over the years we have built a very strong network of exceptional talent, trades and suppliers, enabling us to fill the role of project managers, creative directors, consultants, designers, writers, illustrators, animators, videographers and programmers—for pretty much any creative discipline a project may require. Our reputation is founded on this relentless commitment to produce the best work possible. It’s what we do and it’s who we are.